Monday, April 12, 2010

In The Beginning...

   One of the first questions Steve and I are asked is when and how we received the call to be a mission president.  Our adventure began after General Conference in October of 2009.
   On Friday, Oct. 16th, Elder Richard G. Scott's secretary left messages for Steve on both his office voice mail and at our home.  Steve received the message the next day when he went into work.  He then came home and erased the message before I heard it because (as he later told me) "I had to think about it."
  The following Monday, Steve obediently returned the phone call and was asked that we meet with Elder Scott the next day (the quick timing was probably inspired so that Steve wouldn't request additional time "to think about it!").   He then had to call me and let me know of our appointment and confess his 'sin of secrecy' (as I call it).
   Meeting with Elder Scott was a most pleasant experience for both of us. He was able to somewhat calm our troubled minds.  Kindness, inspiration, concern, and a deep love for the missionary program were evident in Elder Scott during the interview. No calls were issued at this time, however, as we left the interview, Elder Scott happily encouraged me to study the manual "Preach my Gospel," and to work on my Spanish (yikes!!!!....).  He then encouraged Steve to review his Spanish and to learn and study "Predicad Mi Evangelio" (the Spanish translation of Preach my Gospel).

   We returned home and decided it best not to talk to others about the interview at this point. We bought the Liahona magazines and read to each other nightly. I pulled out my Spanish textbook and flash cards. The missionary department sent us medical and other forms that we needed to fill out and return.  We went weeks without hearing more and we started to think that perhaps our lives would not change after all.
   However, the phone call did come. We returned to the Church Administration Building to meet with President Henry B. Eyring on November 17th. We had another pleasant interview. He issued the calls for Steve to serve as a mission president over a Spanish speaking mission and for me to serve as his companion.  We were told that it would be months until we would know exactly where.
   At the end of January, 2010, we were able to open our letter telling us that our assignment will be to preside over the McAllen, Texas mission where all missionaries teach in both the Spanish and the English language.

   We are humbled and feel inadequate for such an assignment, however, we know that the Lord will bless us.  We are so grateful for the support from our exceptional children, other family members, Steve's partners, and many friends.
  We look forward to our move to Texas for the next three years.  We know that God loves everyone and that He wants us to share the Gospel. We are anxious to share our testimonies of His love with others and to help the missionaries be successful in their assignment. We are anxious to get to know the wonderful people in the southern tip of Texas!

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  1. What a blessing you both will be to the missionaries, members, and "members in waiting" in your area. We are so happy for you and know you will do an outstanding job. It will be fun to stay informed with your blog. All best wishes and much love!