Sunday, November 7, 2010



  Recently we involved all of the mission's District and Zone leaders in a leadership training meeting. Principles such as dependability, diligence, love, knowing your duty, obedience, courage, humility, accountability, and the value of having vision (I call it faith) were addressed. These young men are the leaders of tomorrow and they are a mighty force.
  I have been touched by the leadership abilities of so many of the missionaries here.  Obviously, they have come from homes and/or wards where these principles were not only taught, but also lived. Today, I want to express special gratitude to two of them.
  The time has arrived for changes in those who serve as Assistants to the President. When we arrived at the end of June, we were greeted and then introduced to the mission by two very impressive young elders, Elders Brower and Torres. I am very sad to see them move on, but their lives  (and ours) have been blessed by their service and leadership abilities.  Elder Brower has returned to serve full-time in the field (he is currently in Laredo) until his release at the end of the year.  Elder Torres is still with us as an assistant and is working hard to train two new assistants, Elder Perez and Elder Hernandez. Elder Torres will leave just days after Thanksgiving. Because they were our first, we will always have fond memories of these
two exceptional young leaders who took us under their wings.  What patience they have shown to us! What love we have developed for them! Missionary work is the greatest work on earth...

In the office- Elders Torres, Pinter, Salemme, Brower, Perez with cupcakes that
 have superman rings on them

Our thanks to Elder Brower!

He's off to Laredo!

Our arrival- Elder  Torres, President and Sister Miller,
Sister and President Trayner, Elder Brower

Elders Brower, Perez, and Torres (NO- they didn't get in the water!)

Elders Brower, Torres, Perez- they're an exciting group to travel with...

Elders Brower, Torres, Perez, Sister and President Trayner in Brownsville


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