Sunday, February 5, 2012


OYM= OPEN YOUR MOUTH... everyone (not just missionaries)!  I find this video inspiring and so true: 

  •  We started the year off right with a New Year's Eve movie and pizza activity. Thanks to the Senior couples throughout the mission that helped us pull it off!  Here are pictures of missionaries serving in the McAllen, Edinburg, Hidalgo, and Mission zones

  • Throughout January, we held missionary interviews at the missionary's apartments. It took us three weeks to get around to all of them.  Here is a glimpse of what we encountered. (No- they weren't all perfect, but they did do their best!)

  • In January, we also welcomed more new missionaries, and we had to send some home. 
Incoming missionaries:

Missionaries going home. Les extrano mucho!

  • We also had some returned missionaries return for a visit: 

Elder Brower and parents; Sister Morrill

Elder Love and parents

Elder Hernandez

Elder Yergensen
 Sister Butler also came, but she had so much fun with the missionaries that we forgot to take her picture! Sorry!
  • And best of all, some of our family came to visit!