Sunday, March 11, 2012

Child Support

   The best thing- and the hardest thing- that ever happened to us was to be called to serve as a mission president and his wife. I have finally realized just exactly what a mission president does- and especially what the wife of a mission president does. No one can possibly understand these callings unless they have lived them themselves.  
   I never really understood why a mission president's wife (or the wife of a temple president) sat on the stand with their husbands. It is because my husband received a call to serve, but I also received the call to serve. I wasn't simply asked (as in the past when my husband received callings) if I would support him. Of course. But now- I hold the calling. I was also set apart. I also have the same right to receive inspiration and guidance in my responsibilities as my husband does in his. Our responsibilities are non-stop and around the clock- both of us. We are companions in the work of the Lord- what a blessing!
   When we accepted the call to serve, we didn't realize what a huge impact this would have on our own young adult age children. This has not been easy for them. They are the ones who have stepped in and supported us. My five children, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren are the greatest supporters on the earth. EVER!  I love them and I love them for the personal trials that they go through as they support us.  We have been amazed as we have seen our children grow through their own trials and then watched as the blessings that have been promised have been given to them.

To Nate and Megan- Thanks for your help- and bringing your kids to see us! Nate's medical advice is available to me at all times of the day- he never complains, even when I wake him up. He's a life saver. Megan is one of the best mothers on the planet earth. Patience is her strength.

Zach with Nate, Megan and kids
 To Josh and Brittney- Thanks for being our caretakers! We're grateful you have done all you can for our home and our family. Congratulations Josh on finishing law school while "holding down the fort" and becoming a father to three. Brittney is the other best mother on the planet earth. Amazing. Giving birth to twins while having a two-year-old and a husband in law school.  She's great- and she never complains.

Josh and Brittney and kids
To Rachel- Thanks for ALWAYS being there when I need you! Rachel has been known to be my "sounding board." She listens. She listens with all her heart. I love her. I know that there is a young man out there who needs to gather up enough courage to ask her out on a real date. Write her a real letter. Yes, she's beautiful in every way, and the longer he waits, the more he misses out on. Get to know her- you'll love her.  She has a great sense of humor. Only real men can gather up enough courage to get to know someone of her caliber on a one-on-one basis. Be a man!  Now I fully expect that she'll be inundated  with male attention  (She's going to threaten my life after she reads this- but it needs to be said!) Love you Rach!

Rachel with her niece

To Nicole-  Thanks for your great example and determination to do what's right.  Nicole will not have the chance to read this for another year and a half. She decided it was her time to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a full-time basis. As I write this, she is packing her bags at the MTC and getting ready to leave for her own great missionary experience in Cebu, Philippiines- speaking Cebuano. She has conviction and courage. I'll miss her and always pray for her. She is also so beautiful in so many ways.

Nicole at the San Antonio Temple
To Zach- Thanks for the special talents that you have and share here with us in Texas. Zach has overcome personal trials and he knows what unfeigned love is. He knows what it means to "search your own soul."  In the coming weeks, we are anxious to find out where Zach will be. He's a finisher- and we couldn't be more proud that he is our son. Way to go Zach!
Mother and son
That's my SHOUT OUT to my wonderful kids. They deserve it. I thank them and I love them!

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  1. Aww cute Mom. Although I can't say the same about my picture haha. Love you!