Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Tour of the Year


 In November, we were privileged to welcome Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer and his beautiful wife, JoAnn, to the Texas McAllen Mission. What an inspiration they were to us as well as to the missionaries!  They set aside time to meet personally with us, as well as to teach during an inspirational Zone Leader's Council. They met with our senior couples and Elder Schwitzer interviewed as many missionaries as possible. There is even a rumor circulating around the mission that Sister Trayner took Sister Schwitzer tie digging- at Sister Schwitzer's request, of course... hijole!

    Some of the favorite things that the missionaries remember about the Mission Tour were quotes like this:

  • "Wherever you are- BE THERE" - Sister Schwitzer
  • "Our own soul must be included in what we impart to others."  -Elder Schwitzer 
  • "Strive to inspire, rather than to impress." -Elder Schwitzer
  • "Take time with the Book of Mormon, the book will open itself to you." -Elder Schwitzer
 For the first time since my husband and I arrived in Texas, we brought together the entire mission to be taught by Elder and Sister Schwitzer in one Zone Conference.  We came up with a few minutes to have a mission photo taken. It's small, but we're ALL there!  Here are some additional pictures from the Mission Tour:

Newly arriving missionaries:

Transfer Day:

Sending missionaries home with honor:

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