Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Transition Time

“When you make a transition, you are never alone. Our Heavenly Father knows exactly where you are, and He will be with you... If you have a testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel, you will be able to make any of life’s transitions."                                    - Elaine Dalton
President and  Sister Maluenda
   The TMM is preparing for transition. At the end of June, Steve and I will be passing on the responsibility of leading the Texas McAllen Mission to President and Sister Maluenda from Sandy, Utah.  We are currently praying- and will continue to pray- for the Maluendas. They have an incredible journey ahead of them. 

   I know that the rotation of responsibilities is part of the miracle of how Christ's church is established today.  With few exceptions, releases from Church callings are done in an orderly manner; they are carried out with respect and consideration for all concerned. The wonder of it all is that the work continues to grow and expand. When new leaders arrive, they come not with an idea of changing everything, but with the idea of building on what their predecessors accomplished. And the work goes on and on!  We have loved every minute that we have served and we know that we have totally given all that we emotionally, physically, and spiritually could offer. The time for another transition has come.

Here are pictures from activities in the past few weeks:

1. May's three-day Leadership Training in McAllen:

Zone leaders will do almost anything to keep it interesting...

Elder to the Sisters: "Remember- STLs are NOT APs!"

Welcome back Sister Giles!

Is there anyone who can get her to smile???

Birthday boys

Role playing

Three days straight- and we finally made it!

2. Outgoing missionaries:

Viva Mexico!

The flower garden- bloom where you're planted!

3. New Companionship Training:

"Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" in Spanish...

4. My sister and brother-in-law came to see for themselves what the TMM is all about:

5. The return of Elder Zach Trayner- Yeah!!!!

6. Arriving missionaries:

7. Specialized training for District Leaders and Trainers of new missionaries:

8. Assorted other pictures:

We found German food amid all the tortillas!


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