Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Field is White

 Here a just a few accounts of some experiences our missionaries are having: 

    A young woman in Laredo had attended some youth activities at the church years before, but had not been taught by the missionaries and eventually went her own way.  A few years later, in a moment of frustration, she prayed that she could find a church to help give her direction in her life.  The next day, two missionaries knocked on her door.  She was busy and sent them away.  Later she regretted it, but continued on in the path her life was going. She met and fell in love with a young man who suddenly died and she also began to care for her ill mother. She felt lost and wanted to understand more about the purpose of her life.  Once again, she prayed.  Once again, missionaries approached her the next day, during her lunch hour.  She  took their card with their phone number on it and told them that she would call them.  She knew that it was more than a coincidence that both times she had sincerely prayed, the missionaries were there.   It still took her a month to call the missionaries.  When she did, she asked them to meet her at the church to teach her.  It had been so long, the missionaries couldn't remember talking with her, but (of course!) they met with her.  I sat in on that first lesson.  The Spirit was so strong.  She is still being taught by the missionaries and has set a baptism date.

   A senior missionary couple serving in Corpus Christi went out to dinner one night.  When the bill arrived, there was a hand-written note on it.  It said, "I want to know more about your church.  Please let me know what I can do to know more."  He included his name and phone number.  I have a copy of the receipt.

  A woman and her seventeen-year-old daughter felt that they needed to find out more about their purpose on earth.  Feeling that they could hardly deal with life's frustrations anymore, they pulled their car in front of a Stripes store (like a 7-Eleven) to buy a drink and bowed their heads and prayed together that they could find a church that would answer their questions.  After they prayed in their car, one of our sister missionaries, following a prompting, tapped on the car window to introduce herself.  The daughter was baptized last Sunday and her mother will be baptized in a few more weeks. They have found what joy is truly about!

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