Monday, September 6, 2010

Hard Workings

   They say that time flies when you're having fun!  Leading the Texas, McAllen Mission is great fun, but I've discovered also how hard missionary work is.  I now understand why my oldest two sons came home with thick callouses (Ugh... really thick!) on their feet.  

Some of what's been happening lately in the mission:

1) New missionaries.  We were happy to greet the Nelsons, a talented new senior missionary couple,  as they arrived in McAllen last Monday.  After their arrival and a get together with the other Senior couples serving in our mission, we drove with them to Laredo where they will work with the members and missionaries there. We are excited to be able to work with them for the next two years.

2) Dinner with all the senior couple missionaries.  After two months, we finally were able to get together with the faithful senior couples who serve in our mission!  We are so grateful for their patience and their unselfish service.  They are so talented and we welcome all that they have to offer here. We are welcoming the Nelsons, but so sadly, we will be saying good-bye to the Goldsberrys. We love and appreciate them all!

The Goldsberrys will leave the mission in a few more weeks...we will miss them!
Singing good-bye to the Goldsberrys at Zone Leader's Conference
3. Our granddaughter's birthday. This really doesn't have to do with the mission itself, however, it is something of great importance to me.  I love my little princess and I wish her all the happiness a three-year-old can enjoy! Le extrano mucho!

4. Zone Leader's Conference:  These are held monthly and I love meeting with the leaders of the mission.  Here is a picture of the missionaries with 12 feet of Subway sandwich. Don't worry, none went to waste!

5. Baptisms:  The mission had a total of 94 baptisms in September.  We're not sure of the record (and it doesn't really matter), but the most anyone can remember is 99.... so we had a GREAT month!   Here are some pictures of some of the baptisms we have been able to attend:

6.  Fleas:  Yes... FLEAS...  One of my main responsibilities is to take care of the medical needs of the missionaries.  Last night (during a baptism), I received the most interesting phone call.  Two of our Elders (who remain nameless) had somehow entered into a home that was flea infested. They could see the fleas jumping around and getting all over and into their clothing.  As soon as they were able to leave, they got into their car (exposing it also) and called me.  Now I don't really know exactly what the cure for getting rid of fleas on humans is, but I didn't want them to return to their apt. and expose another area.  After I returned home from the baptism, I logged onto the Internet for some advice. Finally, the missionaries were able to go into Walmart and find a spray that they could use in their car and also on their clothing.  Wow... I never thought that I would be dealing with such a variety of ailments....

7.  Other assorted activities:  Here are some random pictures of other "goings ons" in the mission:

An injured Elder Salemme who now gets to work in the office with Elder Snyder

Elder Brower tries to take down the cupcake tower... how does he stay so thin?

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  1. The mission experience is great everyday isn't it! It is the only phase of my life that compares to parenthood as far as every moment being so purposeful & accountable. This is a great calling for you to use all of those gifts you patiently waited to be able to offer. Thanks for posting so often & with such fun photos. Very happy for you.