Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where did September go?

   Most missionaries work very hard and there may be times when some need confirmation that their work is accepted by the Lord.  It can be difficult to watch another companionship, district, or zone of missionaries have success, knowing that you have done all that is possible, but don't have the same results. President Packer once said  "you will have been a success judged by your determination to keep going." (Seminar for New Mission Presidents, 2002).

  A promise was given to a discouraged missionary, Nephi, in Helaman 10:3-5 "And it came to pass as he was thus pondering----being much cast down because of the wickedness of the people....a voice came unto him saying: 'Blessed art thou, Nephi, for those things which thou hast done; for I have beheld how thou hast with unwearyingness declared the word, which I have given unto thee, unto this people.  And thou hast not feared them, and hast not sought thine own life, but hast sought my will, and to keep my commandments....and now, because thou hast done this with such unwearyingness, behold, I will bless thee forever; and I will make thee mighty in word and in deed, in faith and in works....'"

   ahhh... the value of enduring to the end...

September Activities:

  1.  On September 6th, we welcomed twelve more missionaries to our great mission. When new missionaries arrive, we feed them yummy Texas BBQ and introduce them to a map of the different areas of the mission. We hold a short devotional/testimony meeting with them in our home and President Trayner interviews them. After another great meal the next morning, he tells them where they are to serve in their first assignment
and who their first companion is.  The atmosphere is like Christmas morning.  I love the excitement and anticipation that new missionaries bring with them!  Here are some pictures:

2. Transfer Day. Here are some of the pictures of the chaos on September 7th:

3. Sending them home with honor on September 7-8th- Before we send returning missionaries home, we hold yet another dinner, followed by a fireside/ testimony meeting. The departing missionaries take a moment to sign our longhorns and share what they will miss about the Texas McAllen Mission.  We've heard some great tales, but I think that this month President Trayner most enjoyed hearing about the crazy dogs in Cameron Park in the Brownsville Zone. After a good breakfast the next morning, we load them up and take them to the airport. Here are pictures of valiant missionaries that returned home with honor in September:

 4. A quick trip to San Antonio- President Trayner and I were fortunate enough to drive to San Antonio for an Area Mission President's Seminar. We were able to attend the temple (beautiful stained glass!)  and we learned a lot of great things in just three days. I wasn't real good about taking pictures.  Here's one picture that I took when we took a stroll on the River Walk.

5. A mission tour with a General Authority and his wife.  We were priviledged to have Elder Kent Richards and his wife Marcia come and tour the mission.  In the three and a half days that they were here, we had two Zone Conferences (one in McAllen, the other in Corpus Christi), two Priesthood Training Meetings, a Leadership Training meeting for missionaries, and a Zone Leader's Conference. We learned a great deal from him and we hope that we're able to apply all that we learned into the mission.

Leadership Training meeting

Our wonderful Senior missionaries made a lunch for us during the tour.  We thank them for the good food and fun!

Here are more assorted pictures from the Zone Conferences:

The picture takers with all the cameras

Sisters Call and Bustillos; Elders Clayton, Hargrave, Raynor

Elder Raynor uses my camera to make sure we don't forget him!

Sister Farr opens a package
Elder C. Peterson and President Trayner

6. Finally... during the last week of the month, we celebrated my birthday with a visit from our oldest son and his family. This was the first time that President Trayner has seen his only grandson.  We had a great time together with trips to the beach, the zoo, and the Pulga (flea market).  And don't worry- we can wear jeans and have P-Days too!

Hiding under Grandpa's desk at the Mission Office

Yummy BBQ at Rudy's

Entering the Pulga

I know that this post is forever long, but there are just a few more pictures I want to share:

There's nothing more spectacular than a Texas sunset

This was taken from a moving car- but that's a cowboy boot on top!


  1. so much happening! looks like you've got it all under control! :)

  2. We've enjoyed hearing about the dogs in Cameron Park too. Thank you for all you do! I KNOW you are love by those you serve.