Sunday, May 29, 2011

TMM Missionary Moments

  •        Some missionaries returned for an appointment with a young woman and her sister. When they arrived, they were pleased to see that the chairs were arranged and the room was prepared.  The two sisters where anxiously awaiting the arrival of the elders.  As the missionaries began teaching their prepared lesson, they felt they weren’t proceeding the way that the Lord wanted them to. They decided to pause and one asked the young women why it was that they were so prepared for the missionaries’ arrival that evening.  The young women explained their feelings from the past lesson, “It felt right -and we want to know more.”  The missionaries were then able to teach to the needs and understanding of the sisters. They taught about the Holy Ghost and how He prompts us and influences our lives.  They taught what the Holy Ghost feels like. They taught that if we remain faithful after baptism, we can have His influence with us always.  As they finished teaching about the Holy Ghost and baptism, they felt the Spirit so strongly that they invited the young women to be baptized. One accepted and they all knelt down as she offered a prayer. The Spirit continued to teach to the hearts of all present.  After pausing briefly following the prayer, the other sister said she knew what the missionaries taught was true and that she would also be baptized. All they could say was: “We feel so great; we can’t wait to be baptized!” God answers prayers, but we must first come to Him and ask sincerely.  

  •   Two missionaries arrived at an appointment prepared to teach about the role of a prophet. Upon their arrival, however, the investigator began to pour out his heart to the missionaries. He told them that he can’t read and that illiteracy is a huge stumbling block in his life. Rather than proceed with the prepared lesson, the missionaries followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost and taught to the needs of their investigator. As prompted by the Spirit, they promised him that the Book of Mormon will be what helps him learn to read. They opened their copies of the Book of Mormon to Alma, chapter 36, and began to slowly read with him. They took time to explain to him what he was reading. It was a slow process. Yet, the investigator developed confidence in the missionaries and faith in his Heavenly Father in the promise that had been given to him (verse 3).  It is no surprise that the investigator asked the missionaries for another reading assignment before they left. These missionaries testified that taking the time to find out what the investigator needed most at that specific time helped console fears. By taking that step, they were able to help him progress faster than if they had sympathized with the investigator and then insisted on continuing to teach their previously prepared lesson about prophets. With the Holy Ghost, we truly teach people, not just lessons. 

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