Thursday, July 28, 2011

To the Rescue

   Last weekend we had the opportunity to speak at a fireside for Young Single Adults in Corpus Christi.  It was the 24th of July, Pioneer Day in Utah, so I took the opportunity to speak about faith- the faith of my pioneer ancestors and the inspiration that they still are to me today- more that a hundred years later.

    In the audience that night were many souls who are pioneers in their own families. They are the first members to which generations will raise their voices in appreciation for their faith, courage, and example. I admire them and sometimes even long to be in their faithful shoes as they press onward in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their names will ever be remembered and praised by their posterity.

   God works according to the faith of His children. In the Bible, we read, " without works is dead..." ( James 2:26). Having a sincere faith in Jesus Christ requires one to be a doer of the word- it always leads to action. Several months ago, I issued a faith-filled plea on our blog to senior missionaries. The Texas McAllen Mission needed help- pronto. 

   The Lord answered our prayers. We are now blessed with local members and couples who have come to our rescue, just as members came to the aid of my ancestors in the Willie Handcart Company.  These wonderful senior members are spending their precious retirement hours as Church Service Missionaries.  We love them and are so grateful for their faithful service.  They have come to our rescue!

Elder and Sister Gonzales

Elder and Sister Mantle

Elder and Sister Rios

Elder Cuadra

Elder Valdez

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