Tuesday, August 2, 2011


PASSION is a character trait that is easily discerned in others.   

PASSION is the word I use to describe Elders Perez and Yergensen. No- not that love-sick, sappy  type of passion, but that unquenchable desire to do all within their own power to share with others their love for what they do. They are two young men (and there are others in the mission) that have a passion for missionary work. Many missionaries look at them with admiration and with hopes to be able to achieve that same passion. Their deep down passion for missionary work has come from their own strong testimonies and how they live their lives. They never quit... my husband once said, "He would give his life for the mission if he had to."  Of course, we don't want that to happen, but we have enjoyed having each of these passionate elders serve as Assistants to the President!

We were forced to put Elder Yergensen on a plane last month. Elder Perez is still working as hard as ever here in the mission.  They are passionate about missionary work and we are grateful to be able to know them and associate with them!

It was a sad day for us when we sent home Elder Yergensen with Elder Pope.  They both made great contributions to the mission and to the lives of many people that they touched.

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