Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zone Conferences: Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary

   The theme for March Zone Conferences was Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary, based on a talk given at the MTC last June by Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. We studied his list of five basic requirements for becoming Preach My Gospel missionaries. Preach My Gospel missionaries:

1. Understand that they serve and represent Jesus Christ
2. Are worthy
3. Treasure up the words of eternal life
4. Understand the Holy Ghost is the ultimate and true teacher
5. Understand teaching is much more than talking and telling

  First we studied the talk in break out sessions. Then we came together and President Trayner and I offered a summary. Our zone leaders did some training and we spent some time playing two games- Scripture Jeopardy and Carrera Hacia Abundancia (Spanish verb board game). We learned what it means to "cowboy up" (maybe I'll use that for the theme of a future blog!), enjoyed special musical numbers, trained on health and safety, and awarded those who have earned their certificates for achieving their goals in mastering the Spanish language. We ended by listening to the missionaries who will depart before the next zone conferences bear their testimonies.  My husband, our assistants and I traveled the mission and repeated the same conference five times.  I have lots of pictures. Enjoy!

"Cowboy Up!"

We match!

Sinton Zone-March 2012

Corpus Christi Zone- March 2012

Rattlesnake in Freer, Texas

Harlingen Zone- March 2012

Hidalgo Zone- March 2012

Brownsville Zone-March 2012

McAllen Zone- March 2012

Mission Zone- March 2012

Edinburg Zone-March 2012

Laredo Zone- March 2012

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